Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sorry for my terrible absence from posting on the blog. Our firm has been extremely busy with a lot of exciting projects including the acquisition of a healthcare IT provider. So this, combined with the fact that I am a slacker, is my excuse for my terrible absence:)

It's the partner bootcamp in Chicago today. Just started a little while ago and Brian Conway is presenting some great info about the upcoming features in v8 of 3CX.

He indicated that we can expect the v8 beta coming out in July this year. So that's pretty exciting. I am also very excited becasue the coffee machines at the Microsoft Training Center have progress bars on them. Now, my life of watching progress bars is complete.
Other cool items we are excited about, call boomerang, enhanced CRM integration, SecureRTP, Skype Gateway, LDAP integration to Active Directory, remote phone reboots, and many more!

I will be starting the technical training shortly....for those of you that are forced to listen to my mindless garble, I apologize scincerely, later on there will be beer adn life will be better:)




Barry Rice said...

The new features in V8 sound great! i can't waiting to boomerang. I wish i could have attended the bootcamp.