Saturday, January 24, 2009

So, as I'm sure everyone can tell, one of my favorite things to do is come up with creative ways to solve 3CX challenges. Sometimes, these are just creatively leveraging existing features in a unique way and sometimes it's completely hacking the heck out of the thing to make it bend and submit to my will!

So, I have decided to begin creating bi-weekly challenges. Every other week I will post a new 3CX related problem that I will be challenging readers to solve. Everyone who would like to submit a response will simply need to post a comment in response to the original post. Since I moderate the comments, I will review everything at the end of the challenge period before posting the winner (and other good solutions). This way nobody should be able to leverage anyone else's ideas. Just make sure to include your name on your post so I don't have to credit "anonymous" winners.

What do you win? Just my undivided admiration and praise until the next winner is crowned.

Quartlerly, I plan to decide which solution submitted during that quarter is judged to be the best one and that lucky poster will win an Amazon gift card. I have debated having a giant, gold-plated, heavyweight wrestling belt made that the winner could wear proudly around town. But I decided to go with the gift card.

Happy 3CXing!!!!