Monday, September 29, 2008

I am wrapping-up initial development of a hostdesk software for Aastra phones and 3CX. (but I plan to extend to other XML capable phones, SNOM is next on my list). But anyway, the app is pretty slick. I based the beginnings on the aastra xml scripts that do a limited hotdesk function in conjunction with asterisk. But then I added quite a bit of capability as well as added a web management interface and obviously integrated with 3CX for authentication purposes and other features.

Essentially, the app works as follows...

  1. Phone boots and requests aastra.cfg from tftp server
  2. aastra.cfg specifies a startup XML app
  3. Phone launches XML hotdesk program and performs authentication ,etc
  4. XML app imports extension specific parameters from ini file
  5. Extension is marked as active in the active extensions file
  6. XML app then dynamically writes the .cfg file including special parameters
  7. Phone is told to reboot and then fetches .cfg as usual
  8. Voila! You have a working extension with your special attributes (blfs, etc)
  9. User can now "log out" and extension is "released"

I've also included a basic web management interface that allows administrators to see which extensions are in use as well as forcibly reliease extensions after abnormal phone reboots etc.

There is definitely much more I will add in future updates, but hey, it works and it's free!

I will be posting the installation instructions in the next few days.